We’re stream monsters and players who wanted to give a voice to the FGC community and unite players of all fighting games. Our goal is to not only unite the community but to encourage outsiders to learn all fighting games from Vampire Savior to Street Fighter 5.

It’s important that the roots of the FGC have somewhere to congregate and express themselves about fighting games that isn’t 100% eSports related.

You ready to jump into the scene of your favorite game? Here’s a beginners guide to fighting game terms and basics. Ready to git gud? Lets get you started on some locals in your area. If you can’t find any locals in your area, there are some online communities that would love to play.

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Wanna write for us? Slide in our dms with a google drive read only link to your 300 – 2400 word FGC story on anything you like. Make it as pretty as possible with clickable links, pictures, and sexy wrap-a-round text.